A reason for hope.

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You have come to a place of SAFETY. A place of HOPE.

A place where YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

This is a place where your story isn't ending, it is just beginning! Your seemingly hopeless circumstance can change! Whether you're having trouble in your marriage, going through a tough life transition, or just want to become a better version of yourself, Wife and Life Coaching can guide you through difficult circumstances and times of crisis by providing mentorship as you learn to apply new behaviors.

My personal and professional experiences have given me a unique insight into different methods and approach styles that foster meaningful and lasting change. This allows for a customized client experience tailored to the individual rather than the circumstance. Through ministry, mentorship and motivation, I can help you be the change you want to see in all aspects of your life.

God has a destiny for change in your life and it begins with a commitment to change, by simply saying yes to wanting a different life - this is the first step forward.

TODAY IS A NEW DAY!  ---- I am excited to see a powerful shift in your life! 

Vision Statement

To renew and transform the mind and character of today's women providing foundations for healthy relationships and stronger family units with emphasis on keeping families together to benefit child development and initiate a cross-generational model of forever marriages.

Mission Statement

Provide biblical based, spiritually led coaching and mentorship to women and wives through seasons of hopelessness, empowering them to take control of their minds, attitudes, emotions and time to create healthy relationships with those around them. Creating a new way of thinking.



Two Unique Forms of Coaching:

1. Wife Coaching

This is for the wife who wants to stay married but is struggling to see hope for a better future.

Making changes, especially alone, can feel so difficult that you want to give up, but having a coach is to have that one person who is in your court, on your team standing with you! By being on your team, it means I will always have your best interest at heart: your marriage!

Sessions would tailor towards mentorship and biblical teaching while providing encouragement and intercessory prayer. Coaching methods would be used to think through lies verses truths and in helping to set goals and implement change.

2. Life Coaching

This is for any woman who is looking to find a level of freedom in her life, whether it is battling a busy life as a mom and always feeling exhausted and forgotten, wanting to finally pick up that dream again but wondering how you could even fit it in your schedule, desiring to lose weight but not having the support system or internal strength, or simply not wanting to live in fear and anxiety anymore.

Healthy thought patterns, life balance and a clear understanding of your values truly changes the way we relate with others and brings a new depth of joy into each day.

Just by taking the time to get to know the unique individual you are, you can make changes towards a joy filled future, a successful future, a stress-less future!

Sessions would include life-coaching methods, biblical based teaching, encouragement and prayer. Coaching methods would be used to think through lies verses truths, set goals and implement change.

It is my deep desire to see you succeed.



My goal is to change as many lives as possible, and in order to achieve this I have priced my services at an effective and affordable rate, keeping in mind the varying clienteles needs:

  • Intensive Session: 45-min/ $65

  • Power Session: 25-min/ $45

  • Email / Text Support (Option 1): 5 Emails + 10 Text / $65

  • Email / Text Support (Option 2): 3 Emails + 5 Text $45

Workshops Coming Soon:

  • Demands of Deployment: Moving from coping to thriving.

  • Rest & Restore: Finding rest in a busy world.

  • 30 Days of Affirmation: Changing your self-talk.

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You are such an inspiration!!!!! You truly are!!!!! You made a huge difference minutes after our text. I mean immediately after you prayed. God honors your prayers for us marriages that are hurting.
— Anonymous, Military Spouse. San Diego, California
I’ve known Michelle for over 20 years and have seen her walk the journey of life with the utmost integrity and faith amidst the ups and downs. She has many life experiences that have helped to shape the passionate, empathetic and Godly woman she is today. She exudes compassion and kindness and is always ready to listen and give an encouraging word. I have found her to be trustworthy in every way and her unwavering faith in God is an inspiration as she lives out what she believes and gives herself to help others.
— Rebekah Taylor, SAHM & Early Childhood Teacher. Brisbane, Australia
So hard for me to find the words to explain how amazing Michelle is. She’s compassionate, reassuring, the conversation, thoughts and all the words of affirmation are driven out of pure passion to help women like myself become better partners and women all around. She’s helped me in my marriage, she’s helped me as an individual with working on myself and I’m so glad I have her in my life because I would be completely lost otherwise.
— Sho Boudreau, Military Spouse & Business Owner: Sho Boudreau Photography. San Diego, California
I can’t believe how eye opening and freeing coaching can be. After only a few sessions with Michelle, talking through how to rest, how to honour myself and how to understand Gods plan clearer, I feel so strong and capable to take on my path and obstacles ahead. She never pushed me but rather, questioned why I thought the way I do and distinguished the lies from truth. I highly recommend Michelle.
— Christina Mann, Business Owner: ‘Fueled Fitness’ Brisbane, Australia


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